Batman: The Killing Joke

I am not a big DC comic collector or reader but I am a massive Batman fan – predominantly all Batman films which started from the TV series of Batman with the “Kapow” “Boom” fight scenes. I have always felt that from all these animated heroes, Batman was always the one that intrigued me the most, as he was so-imperfect as a man yet so perfect as a hero.

Michael Keaton has always been my favourite Batman – even though his films now look quite out of date especially after the recent Dark Knight films. However, this write up is not about the films but about my foray into the animated Batman and namely the new release of Batman – The Killing Joke. What attracted me to this was a purely by chance read up on the film while it was in post-production and the fact that it had my favourite villain the Joker was in the film. So being an avid American Region 1 dvd collector, I sought out the best version of the film available to start my new found fascination and boy am I glad I made this choice.

WB has released a limited edition 75600 pcs of the film with a small 6 inch toy piece of the Joker – very cool if you are into Ltd edition gift sets. It also comes with the dvd version and the Blu-Ray version of the film which is 77 mins in duration and exclusively for the Blu-ray collector there are a couple of extras such as a sneak peek at DC Universe’s next animated movie and the many shades of the Joker featurette.

The quality of the Blu-ray is excellent as is the sound – for some strange reason I thought would be different as It was an animation film…. how wrong I was.

The film itself was far better than I had anticipated – it was certainly dark – just as I like my films, nut it was very strange to hear any form of profanities in a Batman film and also to witness Batman and Bat girl “get it on” …. there was a hint of intended torture as you would expect from the Joker – yep poor Batgirl is reduced to wheelchair use…. I will say no more

I was watching the movie with my sons, a couple of Star War fanatics who took no time to highlight that the Joker was voiced by Mark Hammill…. must say done a good job. The story is a very simple tale about the long running duel/vendetta between Batman and the Joker and it works. No other so-called superheroes get involved (that is fashion now) it is dark, makes sense, and you end up wanting more……the only question mark I had was the sudden ending to the film…. maybe I just wanted the film to play out the usual two and half hours as a norm for Batman movies.

After this experience I will now look at maybe getting a few more and I have been informed that the Dark Knight returns is in 2 parts and pretty awesome…. however, my next review is something totally different….ever heard of Eli Roth……….




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