Cabin Fever…again

I have been following Eli Roth for a while and no he is really is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some movie buffs think he basically produces trash and some fans think he is already a legend! I am usually more curious than anything else when i see Eli Roth’s name attached to a movie and i will be honest, i have enjoyed some of his stuff such as Hostel  – which again the actual premise and concept of the story really caught my imagination. I really enjoyed it, though maybe Hostel 2 was not as intense ….

Anyway back to Cabin Fever and i still remember the original one which Eli produced in 2002 and the concept was different and it was a bit of a gore fest full of the typical teen folk. It was what i call popcorn fodder and being a fan of horror  – it was not too bad…and after watching it a couple of times, i gave it a higher scoring.

Eli has now just released Cabin fever reboot produced by Travis Z (claim to fame – cameraman in Indiana Jones) and i am really stumped as to why? The original was just about OK and can be re-watched but the new 2006 is awful . To begin with you know what is going to happen anyway and like me if you have seen the original then you think , maybe something different may occur but no….same formula but just 10 times worse in acting, filming, and there is no script! I managed to get a copy of the Blu ray from the  US as it was released earlier than UK but i wish i could get a refund.

If you have not seen the original then please avoid this terrible re-boot and just get a hold of the original to avoid totally wasting 90 mins of your time. Even i if put in a spoiler alerts it will not improve or spoil watching the movie for you.

Eli has also recently released some good stuff such as Green Inferno which did not get a release in UK cinemas but i  will share the Blu ray experience with you soon – a tribute to the old Cannibal Apocalypse/Ferox genre….

Some other titles Eli has done worth a mention are Knock Knock, Last Exorcism, Aftershock and 2001 Maniacs and more recently The Stranger which i will also share with you very soon.


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