Eye In The Sky….

Amazing how such a simple story line (yet realistic) can be so gripping and intense and leave you questioning yourself on what you would do in the situation depicted in the film?

Eye In The Sky sees the heavyweights Helen Mirren and the late Alan Rickman in one of his last roles come together and create a perfect mix of unintentional humour, suspense, irritation and almost any other emotional reaction you can think of. Aaron Paul also graces the screen but sadly he is Aaron Paul and just hearing him talk you instantly think of Breaking Bad -(surely you have seen it!) .He goes through the motion and emotions in exactly the same way that Aaron Paul does emotions !

The film does not pretend to do anything that cannot be achieved, it keeps to a tight plot, does not treat the viewer as an idiot and so easily captures the viewer’s thoughts and imagination. I am intentionally not giving any of the plot away as that would be silly and a cruel waste of viewing this excellent film.

The film can be watched with the whole family as the story does not have any storage for any nudity, pointless violence or scripted bad language. The Blu Ray release from the US has an excellent and crisp transfer backed with an excellent sound mix. This is the kind you watch on the big TV in house and not a mobile or an i-pad to really get the flavour of the movie…..seriously go and watch this great little film…..and ask yourself “what would you have done”


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