Haute Tension…

This stunning piece of french cinema has a few different versions out on the DVD circuit. There are a slightly different cuts available depending on the country of release. I have managed to get the true uncut version from Korea and also the US version which has a couple of seconds cut.

However the “cuts” are nothing compared to the cuts you will see in the actual film. This is one of those rare intense assaults on your visuals and mind which begins soon after the film starts. The intensity is relentless and you dread what is going to happen next. The main protagonist genuinely gives you the creeps and you dread its presence.

The film is unforgiving in it’s pace and action and keeps going both visually and mentally until the stunning end.  I can promise you that you will not experience a film like this again, even if you are a horror buff like i am – i have re-watched this numerous times and even though i know what is going to happen next – the “tension” is still the same and you cannot say that about many films.

The great thing is that it is not just about the non stop pace but the actual climax and story is excellently executed – you really do not see it coming and it blows you away when you realise what just happened – one of those WTF moments.

To be honest unless you are an anorak of film versions and cuts – try and catch the US version as the Korean one is now deleted and the UK version has been cut . Make sure the curtains are drawn, switch mobile off, turn lights off…..and just feel the HIGH TENSION….


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