London has really fallen…

Just when you think it cannot get any worse….along comes London has Fallen which makes  Olympus Has Fallen seem like the best film you have ever seen !

Olympus was pretty dreadful with some of the worst CG i have seen in long while only to be surpassed by such a far fetched and dreadful story you can imagine. The part which really gets to me is why someone with a “god” like status such as Morgan Freeman would have anything to do with these disasters? Surely he does not need the money? As for Gerard Butler , well a very unpredictable actor, not sure what to expect from his films but then you realise he is one of the producers of London….

One saving grace is that the CG is far improved in London and you do not question the actual visual  – just the whole idea. The makers have tried to keep the idea of London realistic and with the times but you just think this film could have had Steven Seagal, Van Damme, Arnie, or even Jason Statham in a straight to DVD flick. Aaron Eckhart probably felt this was a blockbuster based on all stereotype roles in his career graph.

The best thing about the Blu Ray from US is the cover sleeve is actually quite nice and no please do not judge the content by it’s cover. Avoid this movie like the plague or actually if you want to ensure that no one watches a movie with you again – put them through it!

London has truly fallen……



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