A legend of the past – Amitabh Bachchan and a legend in the making Irfan Khan come together in truly delightful film with the added bonus of the very versatile and stunning Deepika Padukone.

The movie borders on the very commercial cinema feel but somehow due to the story content it saves itself with the dryness of the humour and the simplicity of the story. Amitabh as usual delivers quite effortlessly as the unbearable but lovable father figure  and Deepika as his daughter who has her own issues but is a very loyal daughter given the circumstances. Irfan really does not need any effort as he has such intensity in his screen presence and he is so natural and a sheer pleasure to watch such talent.

A film that can be watched with the whole family  – yes a few naughty words but it is worth a spin and you will not even realise where the 2 hours have gone. This is not a film for anyone looking for the usual intensity of an action film with Amitabh but an actual lesson in simple acting made to look so good.

Again no spoilers as it would be great for you to watch this not knowing what to expect apart from an excellent script, dialogue and brilliant acting.

The Dvd release is ok quality wise – not the best but you will be so into teh film  – it really will not matter!

Go spend a couple of hours with Piku…….


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