Stoning Of Soraya M…

Stoning Of Soraya M is not a new film and was released in 2009 based on a novel. However i am so glad that through a most unlikely link i managed to discover the fantastic gem of a film.

This film is truly harrowing as it is based on a true story of Soraya which is set in Iran during the regime of the Khomeini. It truly is hard viewing and not for the screaming as the story and visuals will wrench you in shock. Stoning of Soraya M is filmed as bleak as the story itself is in the outer dry sandy plains of Iran . You can feel the hardship , poverty and tough life depicted in the story. The acting is so simple yet brilliant and sometimes you forget they are actually actors as it seems like this is really appending.

I had not come across the actors Mohzan Marno (Soraya) , Shoreh Aghdashloo (Zahra) before but they are great in front of the camera lens and produce such a raw performance – especially Mohzan . There is also a pivitol role by the international actor Jim Caviezel but thankfully this is not his movie or about him but he supports very well.

This is not a feel good movie and you are not meant to feel good after watching this harrowing tale  – especially after the last 20 minutes …they were truly tough on the eyes and mind. You will never forget this movie after you have seen it and i can assure you at some point will want to watch it again….

The quality of the US DVD release is not bad but here the content is far more important…


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