Green Inferno – Director’s Cut

OK….this is not a film for anyone who cannot deal with ….well….basically Cannibals.

Eli Roth has decide to make a tribute film to the old school Italian horror Cannibal films such as Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Apocalypse. These old flicks were banned in most countries especially Cannibal Ferox which was banned in 31 countries. The director of the film was at one point arrested as people thought that the actual killing in the film was real….

Green Inferno is not to that extreme level however it still is quite raw for anyone who maybe watching a cannibal film for the first time. If you think you are are prepared for this because  you watch the Walking Dead – you are sorely mistaken……the Walking Dead is the equivalent of a Disney Serial. NO offence meant at all to Walking Dead fans before you troll me….but i can assure you the graphic and rawness of Green Inferno will leave you thinking OMG WTH ???

It is tough viewing if you have not seen this kind of film before but if you have seen the old flicks , which by the way are only available fully uncut in the US on Blu Ray – then Green Inferno will work for you. It is not as graphic or nasty as the new look makes it easier to view  – the old versions are too dated and look so bleak.

Green Inferno is raw, in your face and un-apologetic in content – it is a pure tribute and as close to the edge as possible without getting bans unlike it’s predecessor.This is not family viewing and even some maturer viewers will struggle with this flick. I think Eli Roth has done a damn good job and Ruggero Deodato and Umberto Lenzi would have been proud of the tributes to their films. ‎

The Blu Ray picture and sound quality from US are excellent  – the colours are rich and vibrant and really add to the raw content.

Good Luck and just keep reminding yourself……it is only a film……


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