Salma Hayek as Everly….

I am going to be totally honest – there is one reason only why i watched this film…..

SALMA HAYEK….ever since setting eyes on her in Desperado ,I have followed her movies (usually to nowhere) -and again she has not disappointed me as i was not expecting anything that will make me say , what a movie ?

Everly’s action scenes have very subtle aspects taken from movies like Desperado and  Pulp Fiction but i can assure you that is where the compassion ends. The cover of the movie says it all –  Salma Hayek with a Gun……there is gun fight galore and quite outrageous ones too….this movie is total no brainer, crass, and unless like me you are a Salma Hayek fan ….only watch this if the only other option is London is Falling !!!!

Actually that is a bit cruel to Everly as the fight scenes are so OTT – they are actually weirdly entertaining. The story line is non existent or trash – you can decide. In fact if I remove Salma Hayek from this , i probably would not have even remotely considered this as part of any collection. As you can imagine it just disappeared as soon as it hit the cinemas on  a very limited release. I had been following the title …(you know why) and picked up a very early release on US Blu Ray as it also done terribly in US cinemas . For a bad film the quality of the US Blu ray is excellent – crisp picture and great sound . To be brutally honest watch if you are a die hard Hayek fan or just fancy a bullet fest with no logic.


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