Korean cinema at it’s bleakest yet best…..

This film has no intention of hurrying along it’s narrative…it will slowly burn away and take you with it and every now and then it will smack you right on your face! Even while you are absorbing what is happening in front of your eyes , even during the bleakest moments in the film it has you gripped and reacting. The lack of a background score which again confirm “silence is golden” adds even more intensity rather than a hard hitting dramatic overture.

Fantastically filmed , raw, simple, and at times just irritatingly good as you want to react and do something when you see what is happening in front of you or what may be about to occur. This film will play with your emotions and then jolt you with a rawness that you do not expect or see coming.

Brilliantly acted and the locale of the film setting just adds to the feel and enormity of the story line, it actually plays like an added character to the film. It has such intensity yet so cold and un-nerving…

I again confidently say that this kind of cinema is not readily available and we do not see these films on general release but i have been lucky enough to follow it for  along time. Try and get a copy of it  – not exactly family viewing but that perfect mix of terror, horror, and shock and intensity.

The Blu Ray from Korea is a Region free and will play on all players that can play NTSC. As the Korean films get deleted quickly, i know that an US version is out and not bad.

Go watch and be emotionally slapped…..


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