In The Heat Of The Night..

A trip down memory lane is long due and i just thought based on the tensions worldwide at present this film is still so current in content.

The films showcases two of the greatest actors of all time Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. The film is truly a classic from 1967 but even today when watching this film, it makes you feel uneasy, uncomfortable and irritated with the proceedings. There are no lavish film sets, a very simple story but so true to everyday life. The acting is effortless by both actors and you feel the heat with them while watching them execute their roles so brilliantly. In under 2 hours the film moves with again very little background score at a steady pace but the setting is so claustrophobic and difficult. The film very cleverly has two stories unfolding at the same time and it really works well.

This film  can be viewed with the family and is very intelligent viewing and a pleasure to see an acting masterclass.

There is an excellent Blu Ray version in the US with an excellent re-mastered version. Please be careful as there is also a spin off TV series so do not get the wrong one.



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