I actually did not even look at the synopsis on this film before it caught my attention…it was purely the cast that got me. The talent on show is fantastic, an old favourite of mine Michael Keaton, the under rated Stanley Tucci, the intense Liev Schreiber, who are supported brilliantly by Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams.

So much talent put together can easily go wrong but this was perfect and i was not only shocked but so happy that it won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Based on a factual story it is an uncomfortable and at times a very tough watch when you see what is unfolding. It defies belief what you will learn in the search for the truth in this story but it is handled so well and executed by the best. Liev Schreiber who does not do an awful lot generally delivers an excellent and totally underplayed performance , Mark Ruffalo plays a totally new kind of character is awkward in portrayal and you feel that awkwardness with him.He has shown that despite the credentials of Avengers and Iron Man  – he can acting brilliantly and reminded me so much of his role in “Zodiac”. Stanley Tucci is a pleasure to watch most times and again in Spotlight he plays his role so well as he looks so natural in his OTT character full of awkwardness and so highly strung.

Rachel displays her acting skills and does not rely on her looks which was so refreshing and she can really do well with more roles like this. Now for the last and best…Michael Keaton (yes i am a mega Batman fan) but that has nothing to do with this! Keaton is simply brilliant , yes he looks a bit aged but he has the same intensity  and you will pay attention to him. He is the backbone of the film but the others have supported brilliantly.

A tough and difficult story needed a really strong cast to execute and i promise they do! The film is shot in a Matt feel and i think DVD or Blu Ray does not matter – just enjoy this great little film.



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