The Visit….

I am not the biggest Shyamalan fan as i just feel his movies are made with kid gloves for wanna be horror fans  – those who watch horror films in broad daylight …with the lights on. For hard core horror fans or even the Saw level fans , Shyamalan films are just not very fulfilling.

However something about The Visit just caught my attention  – maybe the publicity cover of a woman sitting on a rocking chair facing the wall….and i decided to give it a go ….At first i thought OMG not another hand held camera film  – but as it went on , it kept my attention and i have to say that if i had to rate it on it’s horror content then i would probably give it a 1/10 BUT….this flick is not bad at all, as it has a really twisted way about it even you though you almost guess what has actually transpiring. What really stands out for me was the fantastic acting of the grand parents – they were just brilliant…No big names played out the grand parents which i think added even more to the effect. You will find yourself laughing at some really darkish moments which was good…

The locale for the film was very good and gave the film the added character. As the film progresses you forget the way it has been filmed as the on screen actions get more bizarre.

Overall I gave this film at least a 5/10 which for a Shyamalan film is high for me..It s worth a watch and a great introduction for newbie Horror fans …The Blu Ray from US is excellent in picture and sound and actually comes as a double pack Blu ray/DVD combo. The last films of Shyamalan which  caught my attention were Devil and 6th Sense. He is now making one called Split which seems to be the darkest film he has done to date ….but we shall see.


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