Eden Lake….

You know when you watch a film and just know that it is about to really go wrong and the films just gets under your skin in the process  – well Eden Lake is exactly that.

Eden Lake has a real prickly build up and gets more uncomfortable as it moves along especially because the locale of where it has been filmed again adds another character to the story line. You can just sense the terror and that is without any elements of shock, violence or drama.

The reality is that the events that unfold in the film can actually happen to any of us if we are unfortunate enough and that is what is so terrifying. The behaviour you witness  in the film is something i am sure we have all witnessed at some point and in a way this movie brings all those fears into reality.

Eden Lake is not a big budget film even though it has a certain “Michael Fassbender” in the film but he  is not what you will remember after you have seen the film. Very taught, edgy, awkward and a difficult film to watch which makes it all the more brilliant.

Amazingly it has not been cut in the UK but i do recommend the US version which is only available in DVD and not in Blu ray. It is  great little flick that inflicts terror on the viewer almost effortlessly……go be terrorised……


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