Frontier(s)….Unrated Director’s Cut

Frontier(s) is again another quite original piece of French Horror. This film is relentless and comes after you with some ferocity. It is a very brutal film and there is no finesse about it  (unlike Martyrs) it is raw, unforgiving and harsh to watch.

Frontier(s) has a fantastic mix of mental and physical brutality combined to jolt the viewer and that is exactly what it does. Just like Martyrs , this is a unique piece of horror and it actually gives horror a new face. You will not experience many films like this which if re-made can easily end up looking like B-grade horror trash.

Frontier(s) has been filmed brilliantly with the sets again playing a major part in your experience and they add  additional character to the film. The film is uncomfortable to watch especially for those who may call films like “Saw” a great horror film (it was very good but…) Frontier(s) again is horror on a totally different level.The film was given a NC-17 classification in the US and a very limited release, so many may have missed this wonder and in the UK it did not get a release and was also cut for home release.

Presently you cannot get the unrated directors cut on Blu Ray as the euro version is cut, so you can only get the Director’s uncut version on US DVD. Go on…go and assault your senses and watch Frontier(s)……


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