The third film in my French trilogy of horror films is Inside….Even though the 3 films that i have written about…Martyrs, Frontier(s) and now Inside have no story link at all , they all have other credentials in common such as they are all unique horror films in story, execution, visuals, attitude and brutality.

Inside is just relentless and in your face …it does not stop even when you are secretly hoping that it will stop. The film does not boast a known large star cast, it is not even a large budget, the sets are very simple but the content of what happens will get under your skin and violate your senses. It is truly hard at times to watch and so brutal and i promise you will sense fear while watching this fantastic horror film. Inside has a slightly more commercial feel than Martyrs or Frontier(s) but in it’s own way, it is tough viewing and at times very cruel.

Inside is not available anywhere on Blu Ray as an uncut version and the UK version is cut. So if you can get the US DVD version, it is uncut and the best version of this movie.

France has got some stunning horror films , so make it a French horror fest and do not forget the awesome Heute Tension as well…….


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