Tom Hardy is a Legend…. he is one of the best British actors i have seen in a long time. Legend is his finest hour so far…..as much as people think that Mad Max remake was – nah….not a patch on Legend.

I still fondly recall the Krays with the Spandau Ballet brothers and it was a great tribute to the villains/heroes of East End. When i discovered that there was another movie being made on the Krays , my initial thoughts were why??? I am so glad they remade this only because of the main star Tom Hardy. He is fantastic in the movie which itself is stunning to watch. The script, action, locales and the supporting cast deliver at every level.

This is truly what they call “Best Of British” cinema… forget all the Danny Dyer flicks you have seen – not a patch on Mr Hardy. He is simply stunning in this movie, almost like he was made for the role. The characters that Tom Hardy plays are superbly done and so believable, he has pumped new life into the notorious true story of the Kray Twins….

I suppose the exception here is that i actually watched the UK DVD ¬†version as it was understandably released much earlier in UK than US and i guessed that even the BBFC will actually not cut the movie in anyway…..

Tom for BOND……


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