My experience of seeing Martyrs for the first time will never actually sink in as I have never witnessed such a movie which gripped my senses and left me almost speechless. This is a film like no other – please do not treat this like a typical cliche as i am not sure how to convince you that it is truly what i believe.

Some may say WTH was that and some maybe left speechless and maybe some will say that was cinematic genius. Martyrs is a complete assault on your senses, it gets under your skin, you sit there just staring at what you are witnessing and it delivers blow after blow and becomes so harrowing that you think  – this just needs to end!

Let me just clarify, there is no mindless violence or gore but the film which shred your mind. Martyrs is stunning and unique in concept and the way it has been filmed. The story leaves you dumbfounded and the visuals just leave you stunned. Martyrs is a french film and it is not a big budget flick by any stretch of the imagination, however it is beautifully shot and and executed.

This film was cut in the UK and the only unrated version was available in the US. However the film has gone onto become a cult classic and a very rare piece of cinema. It is still possible to get the Blu ray but you will pay a kings ransom for it and that includes the DVD version as it is now so rare. I would seriously not bother with the UK version on Blu ray…do not waste your money.

Sadly there is a new re-make available too and as i feel so strongly about the original masterpiece, i have done my best to avoid watching it as i just get the feeling it is going to really annoy me as i do not believe this film should ever have been meddled with.I really hope that curiosity will lead you to watching the original and you will realise why this is one of the best horror films i have ever seen for originality.



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