A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

When i think of this film , it makes me smile as i am not sure what other reaction or sentiment can sum up the felling after watching this film from Iran. I think the words that come to my mind in how to describe this film are, dark, funny, sensual, weird, cool and above all Black & White …..

If you are expecting a Vampire blood fest….wrong film folks…. This film is really wacky at times but even as i am writing this , i am smiling as how different this film is. Beautifully shot and so bleak, even more as it is not in colour. At times the background score of the film makes you feel you are watching a tribute to a Tarantino flick and at times you can hear a pin drop between any dialogue  – which is in Farsi.

This is not a mainstream film in any way but you will not forget this purely as it may seem so bizarre to you. I managed to get a stunning ltd edition Blu ray from US which also includes a delightful graphic novel with essay as well. I must say Black and White on Blu ray is kind of stunning. Please watch this excellent piece of cinema with no expectations and an open mind and see where it takes you….like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it….


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