This is again one of those moments where one is unsure how to describe the “experience” of watching a film like Baskin… i say experience because that is what it is….and the simplest description is…”Marmite”…you either love it or hate it.

This film is a unique offering from Turkey  with brilliance. It is bizarre, surreal, weird, crazy, hellish but unique…..This film is not for the average horror fan as after watching the trailer you may be slightly mislead as to what is happening, this film gets darker and more twisted as it goes on. The sets again play a massive part in the atmosphere of the film which does takes you deeper into the dark abyss….you sit there wondering is this really happening in the film, is it a dream … what the hell is happening. You will not have much empathy with the main characters but the “unholy” ones are in another league….absolutely fantastic!

I will be so surprised if you have ever seen the likes of Baskin before which is a full re-make of a short film of the same name. After watching it , i sat there thinking how i am going to describe it to you without any spoilers….( i hate giving spoilers) and would i watch it again…. i actually would even though i know exactly what is going to happen. Watch this with the curtains drawn and lights down off….the Blu Ray from US is stunning in sound and picture and best way to enjoy this uncut version. The film has been released by the studio called “Shout! Factory “and they seem to be releasing many films that are weird and wonderful. Baskin has all the makings of becoming a Cult classic…. go be traumatised…but remember it is only a film…or is it…..


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