Udata Punjab…(India)

An incredibly brave film to come out of India. It is daring , in your face and morally challenging. I have not seen a film which is as brutally funny and sad at the same time.I am not surprised at the amount of problems this film had at the censor board and there was also a call for a ban in Punjab.

The film is relentless in pace and brilliantly combines  3 stories together and even more fantastic is the performance of Alia Bhatt – she is outstanding in this film and has acted more maturer than her actual acting age. Even though this film is billed as a Shahid Kapoor film – and yes he is brilliant in character, Daljit Dosanjh (making a debut) is awesome and really stands his ground when facing stars like Kareena Kapoor.

I always enjoy films that Anurag Kashyap has anything to do with as you can be assured they will be so different to the usual commercial rubbish that is churned out. This is not family viewing in any way, not because of the subject matter but if profanities offend then watch on your own…..after all the main language in this film is Punjabi….

I manged to cut a full version of this movies as i know that there are cut versions also doing the rounds….so if you can get it great otherwise get whichever version and just enjoy this awesome film…..


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