Brotherhood Of The Wolf…

A great star cast consisting of Monicca Belluci and Vincent Cassel ,whom I always feel is a very under rated actor and deserves bigger and better roles plus there is the forgotten Mark Dacascoss  who was a B movie king.

This French offering is a great little flick which I feel never quite received the accolades it should have, it is beautifully shot and the action set pieces are pretty good. However i feel that considering it is a 2001 film it may look slightly dated considering the kinds of effects that you can create in action scenes theses days. This film consists a mixture of intrigue, mystery and an element of horror but i just felt it was a film made on a grand scale and you can tell no expense was spared on the sets or costumes. This film does not have the updated finesse of French cinema but i still think it is worth a watch especially if you like French or world cinema and want to watch something different and not the usual commercial churned out fable.

I managed to obtain a ltd 3 Disc version of the film direct from France with extras galore which also has the dubbed version in English (which i would never watch) but i know that an excellent transfer does exist on the US Blu ray version. Go watch something different…


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