Audition …

The main problem with watching this movie today is that it looks so dated and i can guarantee a re-make would and could be so more ferocious and intense.

I must state that i enjoyed the film and i think it was just the dated look which did no justice to a twisted and dark tale. There are flashes of true Japanese horror at it’s best and as usual the mind boggling scenes which make you think WTH?

This film was awarded a Category 3 which basically is the possible equivalent to a NC-17 but i think a R rating would suffice as i have seen far worse get an R rating.

The film is slow and the usual sudden twists and jolts turn up to keep it flowing. It is very weird in parts which just confirms why “Audition” has become of of those cult must see movies. I am not sure if anyone is brave enough to take this and re-make it as maybe commercially it may not do as well.

The characters are not bad and you feel a lot of sympathy of the main male character but naturally the female is  the star of the show and her effortless portrayal is wonderful to watch.

The movie is made by Takashi Miike who is also known for flicks such as Ichi The Killer, 3 Extremes and 13 Assasins

I manage to get a Japanese DVD version of the film but i do know  that there is a stunning Blu ray transfer in US. Not family viewing but if you like Japanese/Korean or Chinese cinema then please watch and enjoy …


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