Te3n… (Three)

A stunning star cast with Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Nawazzudin in this remake of the Korean film “Montage”

I was amazed at how well Amitabh played the old man character (i know he is not young anymore) but i had grown a bit tired of his similar recent roles but his effortless portrayal of a grandfather, his facial expressions and body language was fantastic.

I feel that Nawazzudin who is a true legend in the making  (same mould as Irfan and my all time favourite Naseerudin Shah)is wasted  – he role needed more mileage but his presence was fantastic to watch. Vidya is a beautiful and a very talented actress who i know can do much meatier roles like she did in Kahani.

Great re-telling of the story and it does not carry the gloss of the usual commercial tripe that can be churned out of Bollywood. I think there was no need to have any background song in the movie as it took away the intensity at times of the plot. The movie is very well paced and kept real and the duration of it is just right. This movie can easily be seen with family as there is nothing too disturbing in the content – a simple tale very well told and it relates to everyday life.

Highly recommended film, please watch it and if you have seen the original Korean – do not compare especially if you love Korean cinema like i do.




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