Triple 9 …

I am still working out if i would call this a slow burner or an explosive movie.

I am also still trying to work out if the movie needed Kate Winslet or the other way around…even though you have to take two looks just to confirm it is her , with her new look.

Triple 9 seems to have taken elements from the classic “Heat” with Pacino/Deniro in some of the action scenes  – a very Michael Mann look….however i found the film very stuffy and laboured at times,  it has a simple enough plot but a really long drawn out route to the finale.

As i said the action scenes are not bad but there is just no chemistry in the star cast and Woody is so wasted. This is a one watch and i cannot image anyone sitting through this movie twice. It could have been so much better with a stronger star cast that could have gelled and a better script which at times just seemed a bit far fetched.

Oh well….


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