13 Hours …

Stunning and yes i would watch this again. Michael Bay ( Bad Boys, The Rock, Transformers, Pearl Harbour) has created a brilliant film which is based on a true story.

The action set pieces are fantastic and the most amazing thing about the film that he has not used any major “A”  star actors. Despite the movie running in at just short of 2.5 hours, at no point do you start fiddling or checking your mobile phone as it will keep you engaged even in the slower dialogue led parts.

There are a couple of scenes which are not for the squeamish as there a very graphic depicting causalities of  war and the irony is that this is not a story based on a war at all.

No expense has been spared in production values yet the film is kept simple and realistic. Based on the knowledge that the events in the story are true , it makes you wonder how could this have actually happened?

The US Blu Ray is stunning in picture and sound. The pack comes with 3 discs and you have an abundance of extras. Go watch this awesome film and enjoy.


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