10 Cloverfield Lane…

This started so well…..and John Goodman was absolutely fantastic ! Then the last 20 minutes have still left me wondering why and wth?

The beauty of this film is all in the hands of John Goodman…you just cannot tell is he a goodie or a baddie? He plays his role brilliantly and again proves that he is such a talented actor. The film at first reminded of the stunning film called “Chained” with Vincent D’onofrio (in his best role ever) but then it soon changes into a far more friendly family flick. (Chained is not for the faint hearted…review to follow)

The director and story writers just seemed to get really carried away in the last 20 minutes and until that point the film was going great guns….the slight tension, uncertainty and the unknown were coming together brilliantly….then it just went into thin air….

The movie is worth a watch as least for John Goodman and the first three quarters of the movie…the ending…decide for yourself….


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