Civil War…

After you read this, you will probably think that i should be in a museum or am so deluded because i think i must be the only person who thought “why have i just wasted two hours of my life on this trash”

Yep..i knew it, you cannot believe what you just read….but honestly what was  the point of this OTT nonsense. So many huge egos (Downey Jnr) and names but really what was all that about? It is just relentless, brain numbing pointless action sequences on a story line so thin that that i could not even see the thread!

RD Jnr as usual on his ego trip and the Captain being all smokey and hot…really…the actual villain was the only one who actually turned up and acted instead of living off their so called star power…..The tragedy is that it was such a huge box-office hit that there will probably be Civil War Part 10 in a few years time!

I can imagine young impressionable kids getting the wow factor when watching this but anyone watching this with any sense of what a half decent movie should be …really should think ..WTH?

And just to show i am of this planet….i am a massive Batman fan and do have a great sense of escapism….just a pity i could not escape from watching this rubbish.

The only consolation is the Blu-ray is stunning quality…but i still want a refund.


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