Martyrs 2015 …

What do you get when you take a French masterpiece and give it a Hollywood make over…..A Disaster !!

Why?Why?Why?…the original French version is so unique and mentally and visually stunning that you just would not re-make it. It is one of the most unusual and stunning movies out of France, a movie that once seen you will never forget it…..anyway before i get carried away (i already have a review of it on my blog from previous) this is supposed to be a disaster review of the re-make.

This movie is just dreadful in every aspect, it lacks everything the original offered,  tension, suspense, acting, direction, script, production, even the poster is awful. I agree it does not help watching this after having seen the original as you know what is supposed to happen next but you would still hope that it will offer something, even as a tribute to it’s superior version? But NO…..this just is such a pointless waste of time and effort  – especially if you were unlucky enough to purchase a copy of it.

Please do not waste your precious time in trying to even see why i think it is so bad and if you must….then please watch the original first. Hollywood has made many re-makes of horror films , especially from Korea and Japan and as much as they were better offerings than this crud…they were never patch on the originals, such as The Ring , The Eye and i understand they are re-making the stunning Dark Waters….Why?Why?Why?


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