Waiting …

Naseerudin Shah is a living legend of cinema. He is so talented and a pleasure to watch anything he stars in. He is effortless and majestic on screen, and yes he may not be a commercial god like Amitabh Bachchan but he cannot be matched in acting, talent and the finesse of his art by any actor in Bollywood including Bachchan.

I must not forget the wonderful under-rated Kalki Kocechlin who has put in a brilliant performance  – especially against someone like Mr Shah.

The films is short and brilliantly sweet – no heroics  – just life and a simple situation that we could all face at any given time. There is nothing extravagant about the film ,story line, sets just simple brilliant naturally acted by two brilliant actors.

The film has no falseness to it at all, there are no running around the trees songs, or lavish sets for item songs, no none of that Karan Johar rubbish…just simple story telling….and you cannot even classify it as a feel good movie either as there is no real climax where hero saves his leading lady….go watch…what are you “Waiting” for …


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