Conjuring 2 …C

I did not think that Conjuring 1 could be surpassed as it was a pretty good flick but i have to say that part 2 is bang on par !

The great thing about this flick is that it does not just concentrate on the two main characters, it gives you ample screen time with the other protagonists who form the main nucleus of the story. The effects with very good and main entity is stunningly shown – it was also great to watch an actual “R” rated film than the usual ones intended for teenager audiences and watered down.

Naturally the story is more absorbing and adds a new dimension to itself as it is based on a true story. I did however at times feel that the way some of the scenes were shown , were taken straight from Japanese and Korean cinema  – which is not a bad thing because it worked and looked very good. This is not a flick for the faint hearted  or those easily led by such happenings….for me it was good entertainment and because i am a hardened viewer of such flicks it was not a testing view for me but none the less  – a very good watch. If you want to see this , i think it would be  a great idea to watch number 1 first for a better feel of what to expect.

The US Blu-ray was stunning quality and also had some excellent extras – the sound and picture was stunning.

Go Conjour !!!!


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