Ghayal…Once Again

Hmmm…i was really in two minds and i am fully aware what to expect from Sunny Deol movies – anger and fights or tributes to his dad and family.

The first Ghayal was a super hit for him and established him as the new angry man – but that does not exist now as we see Sunny Deol far less than ever before. Sadly none of the sons have been able to emulate their father  – the great Dharmendra – however i do think that their cousin Abhay Deol is a superb actor and very under rated.

Anyway back to Ghayal 2 – i am sure Sunny has made this hoping to back on the success of his first one but i am surprised he was not advised against this . The story may have worked over 10 years ago but not now and even if this story was improved it would need the likes of Irfan Khan , Nawazzudin or KK to be the main protagonist with less car chases and flying helicopters.

Sunny has tried to use the latest technology to back the story with special effects and a constant flashback of number 1 but it just does not work. I have no problem watching Sunny as i know what to expect but apart from die hard fans this movie really is out of date and does nothing.

Bored.once again, predictable once again.


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