Jungle Book – Live …

I was very reluctant to watch this Jungle Book as the original animated is my all time favourite Disney classic (and i do not like many Disney’s films – prefer WB animation any day) and i just kept thinking why…

Anyway if judged on cinema technology and effects it is very hard to fault this movie. It is spectacular to watch, there is no denying that it has been put together brilliantly. The film follows most of the narrative of the original however there are a couple of major changes which are notable if you know the original.

My biggest disappointment was the treatment they have given to my favourite track ” I wanna be like you” – basically i feel they have destroyed it.There are some very big names attached to this movie such as Christopher Walken, Idris Elba ( he really was not very convincing) , a totally wasted Scarlett Johansson however the likes of Bill Murray and Ben Kingsley were terrific.

Kids who may not have have seen the original will probably love this but for the old school – the jury maybe still out….do not let that stop you watching this.

The R1 Blu ray was stunning in sound and quality and loads of extras. I also hear that after the same live version of Beauty and the Beast they have now green lit the Lion King.



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