Kya Dilli Kya Lahore …

What an absolute stunning film – wow !

Vijay Raaz also famously known as Dubey from Monsoon Wedding has directed this short flick on the reality of today’s life and current affairs.

It is brilliantly acted by Vijay himself and Manu Rishi with a fantastic witty and sharp script. There are no airs about this film or mega budget sets and songs – it is truly a simple and a honest film. You can tell it was a low budget film and i think that was the aim just to make sure the moral of the story is not glamorised in any way.

Again sadly this kind of quality cinema has no space in the multi-plexes and unless you are looking for this film, chances are you will either miss it or not know it exists.

There are only  4 characters in the film and it lasts all of 98 minutes. You will laugh , be sad and i am sure you will say “that is true” quite a few times.

Honestly go grab this great flick and just let it play on your senses. Awesome !!


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