Aligarh …

Based on true events – this is a fantastic piece of cinema with a staggering performance by the under rated Manoj Bajpai and also Rajkumar Rao (Shahid fame)

The film has no pretences and yes admittedly is a slow burner but it an exceptional piece of art. You feel anguish, frustration and just total disbelief in what unravels in front of your eyes. The film is brilliantly shot to set the exact background of the story and the narrative is clear and concise.

The film will provoke thought and emotions no matter which side of the fence you are sitting and that is what is so brilliant about this film.

Made by Hanslal Mehta who also made the brilliant Shahid , he has again shown what a masterclass he is. Please note this film is not for those who like the glossy locales and  saree clad songs being sung in the ice tipped mountains  – this is true cinema.

Go watch proper cinema…



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