Black Mass …

I think i may be one of the very few people who just does not get, appreciate or rate Johnny Depp. I was never a fan of his Pirates of the Caribbean series and he has seemed to ride on that fame for a long time. The only film where i thought his performance was good was actually Charlie and the chocolate factory.

I find Johnny is such a one dimensional actor that it is now painful to watch him and hear his droning voice.  He is so mis-cast and out of his “Depp” (pardon the pun) in this film. This film belongs to the likes of Joe Pesci, DeNiro, Pacino and not Depp.

This is a typical Goodfellas, Casino, Carlito’s Way type of flick and Depp looks so light weight compared to the ones i have named. The film itself is OK – it runs the same old formulaic way these tales  do and is a 1 watch. However i feel this could have been so much better if Depp was not cast in it – however it does have quite a few other known faces and a very wasted Kevin Bacon and insignificant Cumberbatch.

If you are a die hard Depp fan then you may think he deserves an Oscar…(hell no) and watch this or if you like the typical Mafia vs LAPD movies then go watch and do not compare the past classical hits of the same genre.


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