Ghostbusters …

It fails as soon as you compare the two versions – there is no comparison, as with the original one , it was a unique concept and story and you had no idea what to expect. It had a couple of major names such s Bill Murray and Sigourny Weaver who really made the outrageously far fetched idea work and was a blast to watch – plus a massive title song and catchphrase “Who ya Gonna Call”.

All the above is what this re-make had to match and no matter how hard they tried it was going to be compared and it would lose. Even including the extremely funny but 1 dimension Melissa McCarthy could not give it an edge.

Visually it has better effects, is funny in parts but that is it and it really did not help when the main star spoke negatively about the film during the promotions. For the younger audience who has not seen the original it will be a good laugh but that is where it ends..

The success of this remake has nothing to do with the all female star cast…some films should just not be re-made.


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