Big Bad Wolves …

An absolute fantastic gem of a film out if Israel.

This film is awesome , it has an excellent build up to a climax with a tragic twist but in between, you will laugh at things (and think oh my god that is so wrong) , you will wince, you will get so anxious – this movie will run through a gauntlet of emotions for you.

Sadly it is one of those moves that unless you are scouring a worldwide map of world cinema, you would miss it. I can see why Quentin Tarantino has also hailed the film “best film of the Year”.

The film is brilliantly shot with very few characters and wow they were awesome. One of the actors Lior Askenazi is a doppelganger for  Clive Owen. The performances are brilliant, the humour is very dark, twisted and non-intentional but it really works. Some of the scenes are hard to watch as the are so raw but very well pulled off.

Not family viewing but if you can get hold of the excellent R1 Blu ray from US please do  – you will not be disappointed even though the core story line may be hard for some to watch or endure.

Fantastic film !!!!


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