Two thirds into the film and i was thinking that this has to be one of the most intense, engaging, provocative film i have seen in a long , long time and was just sitting there in awe of the superb and effortless acting of Irfan Khan and also Tillotama Shome…

Then cinematic disaster struck – the film takes a turn which just is one of the most bizarre, weird and pointless self destruct turns ever ! It turns this movie from being an almost unsung masterpiece to “ok – that just ruined the whole film”.

Up to that point the film had ticked all the boxes and more, the acting, sets, emotions, dialogues were excellent and the movie was asking so many questions and it was a battle within the viewer to witness what was unfolding.

The performances of all the actors was superb and honest, this is not a film if looking for any gloss as it is pure matt…

I almost feel apologetic for the last  30 minutes of the film as am still stunned and annoyed but it is still worth watching proper cinema….


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