Bastille Day ..

Is Idris Elba really as good as people make out? I really am not sure – yes his Tv series “Luther” was good because it was dark, twisted and the good people did not always get their way .Idris was Idris in Luther and he is the same in Bastille Day…he sounded the same, reacted the same way and was Idris Elba.

I found him pretty poor as a voice over in Jungle Book and he was hard work in Bastille Day..what is even more astounding that he is being linked to the “Bond” franchise…wth.

I think Idris would be excellent in British gangster flicks – but not on an international stage. Anyway a bit about a really poor film – this is your run of the mill movie and i can assure you that you have seen so many of these kind of films with the likes of Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal (early days) so really noting to write home about. This film was recently blocked from release due to the atrocities that took place in France .

As a no brainer and if you are a die hard fan of Idris – watch it – because it is barely a one watch.


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