Suicide Squad …

The first thing wrong with this movie is Cara Delevinge  – please no one ever let her in front of the camera – she is a lens disaster ! The second thing wrong with this movie is limited time Jared Leto was given on screen and also Ben Affleck.

This was a great opportunity missed by WB – this could have been so good and it started so well and then just lost it’s way completely. A massive star cast  – too many and too much just like that disaster Civil War but that actually worked – but DC are trying too hard to catch up and have ruined a great chance. This flick should have been an “R” rated and not a dreadful “12”. I do not believe the director’ cut has made any difference at all.

I must say that Margot Robbie was stunning in this film and held it together otherwise this movie would have been even worse than it actually was. This was a one watch and even then i struggled despite being a fan of the DC and not marvel (except Flash – he bores me).

Oh well…..


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