Lost Choices …

This is not one the most intense Korean films i have seen but it is still a dark and brooding saga.

It has all the trademarks of awesome Korean Cinema  – which it is but throughout the film it minded of me of movies like Death Wish, I spit on your grave but the biggest difference this flick is far superior than those ones.

This film is no happy ride and is really grim at times as you feel the pain and frustration that is brilliantly highlighted by the main character.

As always this Korean film does not necessarily involve major gun play or sword play but it still manages to deliver the shock factor when you least expect it.  I have always said and still maintain that in many cases Korean film making is years ahead of Hollywood.

Korean cinema does not rely just on major sets and extravagance – some of their films are so realistic and simple which makes them quite hard to watch…and to get that kind of reaction means they are doing something brilliant.

Go watch and be uncomfortable…




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