Exorcist 3 …

Warner Brothers have just released a 2 Disc sp ed of the best and only deserved sequel to one the greatest horror movies ever filmed “The Exorcist” – Exorcist 3.

Exorcist 2 was an insult and a disaster of epic proportions and does not even deserve a mention but  needed to highlight that no 3 is stunning.

The new remastered Blu Ray offers you a 2k version of the film or the actual directors cut which has been painstakingly put together in such a way that either you will admire the efforts or think you have been ripped off. Due to lost footage of the original shoot  – many scenes have been taken off the video release to keep the continuity of the film – so every now and then the film will look like a vhs in pan and scan.

If you can get past this experience then sit back and enjoy a true successor and an excellent sequel. George C Scott was fantastic in the movie – effortless yet he fills the screen with his presence. The soundtrack is excellent if not as iconic as it’s original – the premise of the story is excellent even though it was bashed by the critics due to the constant comparisons to no: 1.

I thoroughly enjoyed (even more this time)watching it again in Blu Ray  – it is creepy, haunting, and if you are a true fan of the original then as long as you do not compare and expect the same again – as a stand alone – a terrific watch.

It is well worth investing in the Blu Ray from the US….go get exorcised !!!


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