Blood Father …

Mel Gibson may not have the charm of the Lethal Weapon days and looks more like an over tanned wrinkled leather sofa however has has once again that if he digs deep we can still enjoy the real Mel Gibson….

Blood Father is exactly that –  a bot of the old Mel Gibson and my word  – it was awesome…..I really thought when i saw the trailer that it will be like the usual revenge flick but this was not …it is brilliantly scripted with Mel Gibson delivering citric sharp one liners and the action is realistic and believable.

This movie is simple, it does what is says on the poster and it is also a relatively short flick. It does not carry on for the sake of it an i actually think it ended too soon….

Mel Gibson is backed up by the brilliant William H Macy – cool as always and and new comer Erin Morairty who as much as she started annoyingly, soon becomes very good on screen.

Go enjoy this flick  – US has a great Blu ray release though limited in extras.


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