Concussion …

I am not a Will Smith fan and never have been however i could not resist the temptation of watching this film purely because it is based on a true story.

I still think anyone could have played the role that Will Smith played but yes he did manage to keep the accent up well throughout the film and underplayed the role, which worked.

This is story that may not affect many that live outside the USA but it still is an eye opener to all those in sport or the finance world.

The film has excellent characters in the film and does not totally reply on Will Smith and i wished that Alec Baldwin had been given a bigger role. I must mention how brilliant Albert Brooks was to watch – he had by far the best script – sharp. bitter and honest.

The movie is a simple tale and worth a watch  – if you are Will Smith fan you will love it as long as you are not expecting to watch a cool smart -ass on screen…but even as a stand alone film….pretty good.



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