Sully …

I firmly believe that no one could have portrayed the role of pilot Chesley  Sullenberger as brilliantly as Tom Hanks did. He again re-affirmed (not that he has to) that he is a living acting legend.

The film is excellently made by the veteran Clint Eastwood – another legend in his own right. Not only has Clint Eastwood starred in  landmark films he is also a supreme film maker. The film itself does not actually concentrate on the incident itself and turn into some disaster pic – it highlights the aftermath and reactions from everyone effected and not effected by the incident.

The film does not carry on for ever, it is very compact and well edited .An excellent touch at the end where you see footage of the real Sully speaking to everyone… Aaron Eckhart has also put in a good performance but is totally over powered by Tom Hanks. It was good to see Anna Gun  of Breaking Bad fame back in the frame.

This is a really good film… go watch.



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